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Telecenter at Formentera

Telecentre Formentera

What is a telecentre?
A telecentre is a public Internet work with outreach and training to minimize the risk of digital divide.
Its main objective is to disclose and provide access to information technology and communication, providing the tools and support necessary to citizens / ana. By definition, a telecenter is an ability to accommodate PCs, software and peripherals and has the figure of a dynamic / pray that provides Internet access to the public, and performs tasks of orientation, training and support. Is an access to new technologies, of an audience. It is a common workplace where users have the people and infrastructure will support the training areas, professional and personal. The telecentre must be equipped with the necessary infrastructure to accommodate all users that visit.

Telecentre withinl XarxaBit
The purpose of XarxaBit is creating a network of public Internet access points in order to minimize the risk of digital divide and ensure regional balance and social cohesion in the new knowledge society.

Facilities: Furniture and computer equipment necessary to cover 8 workstations, eight users and one for dynamic, consisting of:
- 9 PCs
- 9 monitors
- 9 webcams
- 9 keyboards
- 9 mice
- 1 multi functional printer (printer / scanner) A4
- 1 A4 color printer
- 1-Modem Wireless Router

Activities performed in Telecentre
- Public Internet and new technologies in general.
- Availability of printers black / white and color.
- Courses are held in the morning, courses distance education officials. At present, courses are Introduction to Computers (RED.ES) and others of XarxaBit, in the morning hours in courses devoted exclusively to.

New technologies and Communication

Find us at:
plaça de la Constitució, 1
07860 Sant Francesc
tel. 971 32 10 87 · fax 971 32 10 63
Telecentre of Formentera
av. de Portossalè s/n
07860 Sant Francesc Xavier
(public library of Sant Francesc Xavier)
tel. 971 32 33 86
16.30 to 21.00 h (winter)
17.00 to 21.30 h (summer)



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