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New OAC hours

foto 2020 OACThe Consell de Formentera reports that the Oficina d’Atenció Ciutadana (“Citizen Information Office”, or OAC) will now open weekdays 8.30am to 2.30pm, Thursday afternoons from 4.00pm to 6.00pm and by appointment for islanders who request one. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 971.32.10.87 between 3.00pm and 8.30pm.

Islanders are encouraged to process service requests on the OAC’s virtual portal (“Virtual Citizen Information Office”, OVAC). Limits on capacity mean in-person visits must be staggered and visitors must follow staff indications on social distancing, mandatory masks and hand-washing to stem the spread of Covid-19.

16 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Eyeing European recovery fund, Formentera highlights eight projects driven by sustainability

Appealing to the European Fund for Recovery and Resilience, the Consell de Formentera has submitted eight project proposals which, if accepted, would entail a combined investment of nearly nine million euros. Spain has already been promised €140 billion, nearly €73 billion of which will go toward projects with themes like the ecological and digital transitions, human capital improvements, social and territorial cohesion and equality.

Charged with selecting a short list of candidate projects within the region, the Govern balear says coordination between institutions and social and economic stakeholders will be key to ensuring only the very best proposals make it to Madrid, thus increasing the chances that a maximum amount of funding is awarded to the Balearic Islands.

According to Consell premier Alejandra Ferrer, “times of crisis like these require investment from beyond local and regional government. That’s why the Consell has presented eight cross-cutting projects in harmony with our model of sustainable island and committed to causes like improving waste management, controlling moorage along the local seaboard and promoting electric vehicles across municipal transport.”

Construction and demolition waste treatment plant

Projected investment: €1,771,340.76

With this new plant, Formentera could guarantee construction and demolition waste is reused according to the principles outlined in Law 8/2019 on polluting soils and waste.

Included in Formentera’s Sectorial Plan on Waste, the plant delivers on goals for the reuse of construction and demolition materials. Repurposed raw materials drawn from waste treatment will also constitute a return on investment.

Organic waste treatment plant

Projected investment: €1,795,000

Included in Formentera’s Sectorial Plan on Waste, a new plant to locally treat organic waste delivers on goals concerning the reuse cycle of organic waste and waste separation at point of origin. It would also mean productivity increases and a boost for innovation, particularly as part of the digital and ecological transition.

Implementing plan to regulate moorage along Formentera seaboard

Projected investment: €619,333.11

A system of controls on moorage across the Formentera seaboard would not only protect the coastline and promote its regeneration, the project would be in line with the Natura 2000 comprehensive management plan. Revenue from rental of regulated moorage buoys additionally permit a full return on investment.

Undergrounding organic waste bins

Projected investment: €558,600

Selectively collected local organic waste, whether from homes or businesses, could be used to generate agriculture-grade organic compost. The resulting high-quality compost could enrich nutrient-poor farmland on the island and reinvigorate the countryside.

Not only would the investment ultimately pay for itself given savings on transport to Eivissa’s Ca na Putxa waste tip, the action would extend the useful lifetime of the waste bins.

Electric vehicles and recharge stations for island’s bus service

Projected investment: €1.5 million

Three electric minibuses and associated electrical recharge stations for the island’s public transport service would improve mobility for all islanders, especially those of reduced income and at risk of social exclusion. Public transport will be free for riders in these groups.

Digitising Formentera commerce

Projected investment: €560,000

With a virtual marketplace encompassing all local businesses and “payment promenade” toward individual websites, Formentera businesses could increase their capacity for economic recovery and, it is anticipated, increase sales as well as Formentera products’ penetration in other markets.

Improvements in Es Pujols tourism hub

Projected investment: €1,217,156.64

Increased alignment of Es Pujols with visitor expectations would diminish the perception of “massification” voiced by tourists. A comprehensive reform could eliminate vehicle traffic in town and substitute/modernise existing hydraulic infrastructure whilst creating a exclusively pedestrian zone and beautified streets. These marked improvements in the town’s centre would benefit a reactivation of tourism and business in Formentera’s largest tourism hub. In addition to improved water management sustainability, mobility and waste management, the project could change the face of the typical Es Pujols tourist, with today’s nightlife-seeking young person becoming tomorrow’s buttoned-up family man, more harmonious with what is commonly promoted on the island.

Purchasing and converting Can Tomàs into a site of cultural and environmental interest

Projected investment: €900,000

Conversion of a 213,312-sq.-metre plot of protected rural land on Eivissa-Formentera Ses Salines nature reserve (including features of archaeological, ethnological, cultural and heritage interest) into a public-use site. Acquisition of the property would mean the Ca na Costa dig site —the oldest megalithic sepulchre in the Balearic Islands and currently in private hands— would enter the public domain, carrying profound benefits for the enhancement and enjoyment by the public of this monument of local archaeological heritage.

Besides being key to developing a programme to highlight, disseminate and enrich the features of archaeological, ethnological and scenic interest, the action would support land-use strategies based on historical activities.

2 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Consell reports graffiti on historical buildings in Sant Francesc to Guardia Civil

foto 2020 pintades 2The Formentera Department of Patrimony has informed the Spanish civil guard of graffiti that appeared on various Sant Francesc buildings late at night on 5-6 August. Amounting to a total of eight acts of vandalism, spray-painted words were found scrawled across the front of the historical town council and around Jardí de ses Eres. The Consell de Formentera brigade painted over the graffiti later the same morning.

The Ajuntament Vell possesses grade B protection in Formentera’s catalogue of cultural heritage sites, and along with Jardí de ses Eres is classed as a historical building and cultural interest site in Sant Francesc. Vandalism of heritage sites is considered a criminal act.

Images of the damages were included in local government’s report to law enforcement.

11 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Formentera police and fire departments place drone at centre of new surveillance and operations unit

foto 2020 dron 1The Formentera interior office reports that local police and the island’s fire department have enlisted a drone in a new surveillance and operations unit staffed by emergency responders. According to department chief Josep Marí, the unit, whose operators include four law enforcement officers and two members of the firefighting brigade, will develop “a multi-disciplinary approach to emergency response around tracking, surveillance and prevention”.

“The unit will complement efforts that have figured in emergency services’ remit for some time now”, said interior conseller Josep Marí. “Today, with the acquisition of a drone and six of our emergency responders receiving training, the team can operate 365 days a year.”

In addition to helping the fire crew pinpoint fires and mark out their perimeter, not to mention reinforcing firefighting operations, the drone will be integral to missing person searches and other emergency operations. For local police, it will aide enforcement of environmental and urban planning regulations, patrols of waterside itinerant vending and crowd reduction measures.

Today was the last day of classes for the six emergency responders who took part in SQA Drones’ course on piloting drones. The local police and firefighters were joined by three participants from Santa Eulària’s police force and environment department. The sessions included four days of on-site training and fifty hours of theory. Two agents from the local Sant Josep force seized the opportunity to hone their skills in drone manoeuvres and share experience with their classmates.

16 July 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Play areas reopen

foto 2020 reobertura parcsThe Formentera Department of Island Services announces that from tomorrow children’s parks across the island will reopen in line with safety protocol published in the Balearic gazette as part of an order, 4/2020, issued by the regional premiere.

Per the order, the Consell de Formentera will remove the barriers that restricted access to parks tomorrow. Municipal crews are performing a targeted cleaning of the areas today.

Two daily cleanings —in the morning and afternoon, per the order— have additionally been scheduled going forward, with instructions to focus particular attention on high touch surfaces.

Signs have gone up advising islanders of the main Covid-19 preventive measures, emphasising hand washing, respiratory hygiene and physical distancing.

17 June 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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