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Two weeks in, Consell takes stock of scheme to regulate vehicles on island

imatge-carretera-de-la-mola foThe CiF Mobility department wishes to report that there were 19,183 cars and motor scooters authorised for operation on local roads in July. The figure is an average, and accounts for tourists and island residents both, not to mention vehicles with special exemptions.

In July, 7,720 local drivers were given the go-ahead to use their cars. Similar accreditation went to 2,594 rental cars and 6,257 rental scooters. All three represent the average number of vehicles over the two weeks since the programme—the first of its kind in Spain—launched.

First permits run out
Starting with visitors who brought their compact car from Eivissa during the first two weekends of the month, motorists have already maxed out July quotas in each category. Additional applications from Eivissa drivers hoping to bring a vehicle to Formentera were processed under the more general visitors' category.

Eivissa residents also reached the limit on scooters during the first half of the month. Administration officials discovered some of those applicants had jobs on the island—a fact entitling them to authorisation in a different category. “These drivers were processed in the right category, once again leaving space for scooter riders from Eivissa”, explained mobility councillor Rafael González.

The councillor pointed out that ferry companies continue to collaborate in the measure by serving as an information source for visiting tourists. “This means that visitors are already familiar with the measure when they arrive—ticking the box on one of our top priorities in the programme's maiden year”. González seized the chance to remind islanders that they too must get permission to drive on Formentera in July and August, and that certification can be requested easily on www.formentera.eco.

The councillor said that a device at the entry/exit point on carrer Almadrava will continue to take readings of all incoming vehicle plate numbers. Though the priority this year is building awareness about the regulation scheme, legislation establishes a system of fines of between €1,000 and €10,000. Tourists who bring compact cars pay €1/day and €0.50/ day for scooters.

Authorised vehicles during the first half of July (average)

Cars (visiting drivers) 657
Scooters (visiting drivers) 97
Cars (Mallorca and Menorca residents) 91
Scooters (Mallorca and Menorca residents) 27
Electric vehicles (visiting drivers) 44
Hybrid vehicles (visiting drivers) 21
Cars (Eivissa residents) 211
Scooters (Eivissa residents) 20
Vehicles (Formentera residents) 7720
Vehicles (drivers with second residence on Formentera) 413
Vehicles (Eivissa residents employed on Formentera) 60
Vehicles (drivers with reduced mobility) 32
Vehicles (local businesses) 379
Vehicles (freight) 359
Official and public service vehicles 40
Vehicles for public good 124
Industrial machinery 32
Classic or historical vehicles 5
Rental cars 2,594
Rental bikes 6,257

Total 19,183

18 July, 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

Formenterers Solidaris get Formentera's gold medal

ple-sant-jaume-distincionsv21In a special full-house assembly today, cross-party support came from within the Consell de Formentera to honour individuals and businesses in commemoration of the island's patron saint, Sant Jaume, on the Diada de Formentera 2019.

Consell president Alejandra Ferrer made the announcement that this year's gold medal —the Medalla d'Or— would go to Formenterers Solidaris. Ferrer spoke of “the charitable, altruistic and humanitarian work this association performs to service the needs of the less fortunate—through support and orientation, and local funding for aid and development projects across the globe.”

Premis Sant Jaume

One Sant Jaume award goes to AECC Formentera. The Formentera chapter of the Asociación Española contra el Cáncer, “from its leadership to its corps of volunteers, work with selfless generosity to better the lives of people living with cancer, to accompany and support them and their families” said the president. “They not only act as advocates for those who are suffering, but also support prevention efforts in building awareness around health issues.”

Jazz&Co will also receive the distinction. “In twenty-five years, they've become a key feature of our cultural landscape” said the president. She called the group “synonymous with summer nights, and live —and especially jazz— music in the squares of Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran” and applauded them for “bringing into the fold both local talent and international names”.

The final Premi Sant Jaume will go to Can Forn in Sant Francesc. “For sixty years of service as a family-run, local shop”, Ferrer beamed, “and one which, across the generations, has stayed true to its original allure as a neighbourhood outpost”.

On behalf of the entire governing team, President Ferrer saluted this year's winners. An awards ceremony will accompany Diada de Formentera celebrations on 24 July. The event starts at 8.30pm in the Culture department's sala d'Actes.

17 July 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera adds voice to awareness push to stop sexual violence

foto-material no-i-punt-1The Social Welfare and Equality departments of the Consell de Formentera have added their names to “No i punt”. With a title translating roughly as “No means no”, the campaign is part of a joint effort by the Palma and Mallorca administrations to assure safety from sexual assault on nights out.

“Our priority to promote egalitarian and safe leisure spaces for everyone”, said equality councillor Vanessa Parellada, “spaces that are free from sexist violence and sexual or homophobic violence”. “Sexual assault must be taken seriously”, said Parellada. “The idea is that, through education and awareness, we can either prevent sexual assault outright, or catch it in time and stop it”.

Islanders can stop by a booth in la Savina this afternoon and evening (16 July) to pick up information about the ongoing festes del Carme holiday. A stand will be mounted on Saturday (20 July), too, ahead of Sant Francesc's “flower power” party: la Festa Flower.

Visitors can get information about sexual assault prevention and response as well as better practices, not to mention take an “anti-assault” test and check out “No i punt” stickers, bracelets and a banner. Volunteers will be on hand to field questions.


For the third year, the social welfare and youth offices of the Consell de Formentera are partnering in support of the “Balearic Islands' Strategy on Addictions and Drug Dependency” (PADIB) to launch the third annual #nosiguisase ("don't be dumb") outreach campaign.

Social welfare councillor Rafael Ramírez said the drive was “designed to urge sensible drinking, especially among youth, at our festival days in the Balearics, and build awareness about the dangers of alcohol abuse”.

Staff from a project of the NGO Bienestar y Desarrollo called Energy Control will be manning the stand on 20 July and handing out material like rucksacks, buttons, educational postcards, posters and water bottles with educational straps.

The Consell de Formentera will use banners to share information about the campaign on the administration's website.

16 July 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

Regional environment chief makes first official visit to Formentera

foto-reunio---amb-apb-1-1This morning at 10.30am, three Consell de Formentera officials —President Alejandra Ferrer, territory councillor Rafael González, and environment councillor Antonio Sanz— met in the sala d'Actes with the Govern balear's minister of environment and territory, Miquel Mir.

So far this legislative term, this is Mir's first meeting with his opposite numbers on the island, not to mention with the Consell chief. During the meeting, participants reviewed what they expect to be the biggest challenges over the four coming years.

President Ferrer identified one of the top priorities as regulating moorage on local shores, “as well as all the consensus-building with [coastal authority] Demarcación de Costas that the effort will entail”. Another key initiative is the regulation of estany des Peix. Ferrer said that that project, which is now awaiting an expected green-light from the coastal agency, needs help from the nautical sector for rollout to be successful. The president also pledged the administration would “work to find solutions for any person or business whom the current plan might leave in a regulatory vacuum”.

Formentera officials spoke with the regional minister about issues like administrative improvements at ses Salines nature reserve, crafting the “Posidonia Decree”, renewing efforts to keep local snake numbers in check, and working on continued upgrades to the water grid, the es Ca Marí sanitation grid and the es Pujols sewage pump.

Mir, for his part, said the gathering helped lay the groundwork for “renewed responsiveness to the needs and requests of Formentera residents”. Getting there, he said, will mean coordinating efforts between the Govern balear and Consell de Formentera, and engaging in bilateral work.

15 July 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

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