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CiF, Fundació Baleària clinch partnerships on social welfare and sports

fotos signatura convenis baleariaCiF president Jaume Ferrer Ribas and Fundació Balear chair Ricard Pérez Ivars have put their signatures on two partnership agreements. The first, a deal to sponsor Formentera's 14th Festa Intercultural, earmarks €1,400 for travel costs of Festa participants from other islands.

The 14th Festa Intercultural, organised by a group called associació de la Festa Intercultural with help from the CiF Office of Social Welfare, took place April 3, 2016. The aim, say organisers, is for the event to become a platform for cross-cultural interaction in a process that can ultimately benefit the entire community.

Promoting sport
Ferrer and Pèrez Ivars also signed a deal with the municipal athletics school (EMAF) that establishes both signing groups as the school's principal sponsors. Fundació Baleària pledges to contribute €9,690 for sports equipment, specialty material and travel costs.

The CiF created the EMAF last year, having witnessed a spike in track and field enthusiasts on the island. This year, the Council and Fundació Baleària have pledged their renewed support. Also at the ceremony were Fundació rep Juan Serra and CiF councillors Vanessa Parellada of the social welfare office and Jordi Vidal, of the sports department.

Rural revival, a prize for sustainable tourism

foto camp es capFormentera Council (CiF) president Jaume Ferrer, tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer, and chair of the Formentera Farmers' Cooperative, Carlos Marí, will attend an awards ceremony celebrating sustainable tourism in the Balearics in 2016. The ceremony is scheduled for 8.00pm in the Baluart museum of contemporary and modern art of Palma de Mallorca.

The Council will be awarded a prize for the best initiative in sustainable tourism for its rural revival project, Recuperació del camp a Formentera. The bid to establish a reserve of land is also an effort to promote jobs needed to preserve rural landscapes or return them to their earlier state and jobs in vegetable and livestock farming. Such initiatives, explained President Ferrer, help to preserve Formentera's culture, customs and local identity.

“Preserving and caring for our countryside means working our fields and protecting everything that makes the Formentera landscape unique”, said Ferrer. On Formentera, an island dedicated 100% to tourism, it is absolutely necessary to take clear steps and create incentives to work in the fields and in livestock farming. Such rural revival makes up an important part of sustainable tourism to the extent that it helps preserve our culture, customs and identity, ultimately the reason people visit our island.

The president expressed his thanks for the honorary award, an effort to disseminate, recognise and incentivise best practises in the Balearics, promoting the islands as destination in quality, sustainable tourism.

Pitiüsa law enforcement blasts obstacles to new hires

coord policiaAt 12 noon today the Formentera Council (CiF) hosted the second of two yearly meetings scheduled for 2016 by the coordinating body for local police in the Pitiüsas. The entity was created to facilitate information exchange and policy changes among different arms of the local police, as well as to allow the forces of law and order to calibrate their priority areas.

Chaired by CiF president Jaume Ferrer and the head of the Govern Balear's department of interior, Pere Perelló, the meeting served to align the authorities' stance on what they call deliberate attempts to interfere with new recruits to local forces by the Govern's Eivissa and Formentera delegation.

The call for applicants to the 39th course of basic police training —the deadline is October 5— was seen as an opportunity to bolster Pitiüsa police forces.

The gathering also served to bring attendants in tune on Llei 4/2013, a law dated July 17 that is aimed at coordinating local police in the Balearics. Participants also spoke about harmonising local law enforcement's approach to issues such as rural area police patrols.

On the Formentera performing arts beat

volen volen 4The Formentera Council's Office of Culture has chosen today to unveil this season's programme of performing arts at the municipal cinema (Sala de Cultura). According to CiF culture councillor Susana Labrador, the calendar of musical and stage productions comes on the back of the positive response received by last year's programme dubbed l'Illa a Escena (“the island on stage”). This year's shows get under way in October, Labrador explained, with brand new proposals aimed at raising the cultural bar for all audiences. L'Illa a Escena 2016, she said, contains “elements of every style and artistic expression” and includes works of opera, theatre, children's shows and musicals.

In October, the Titzina Teatro company will share with Formentera audiences its most recent work, Distancia siete minutos, an emotional work of dramatic writing and stage interpretation by Pako Merino and Diego Lorca. The critically-acclaimed production can be seen Saturday October 1 in the Sala de Cultura, Formentera's municipal cinema, and then in the Palau de Congressos in Sant Eulària des Riu the following day. The production comes to the island under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture's Platea programme.

Formentera Viu l'Òpera is a performing arts series that brings opera —in the case of El cas dels 3 porquets, Mozart arias— to children. With three singers and musical accompaniment by keyboards, El cas dels 3 porquets is a part-opera, part-fable production sung and spoken in Catalan. It also provides young ones in the audience a chance to actively participate. Part of the Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics's Talent IB push, the show will be presented October 9 at 6.00pm.

The Formentera Viu l'Òpera programme continues in November with a screening of Los Tres Tenores. Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo and Josep Carreras star in this magical musical production set in the Roman hot springs of Caracalla. Los Tres Tenores can be seen Saturday November 5 at 8.00pm in the municipal cinema (Sala de Cultura).

Formentera Viu l'Òpera, created to get the word out about this particular branch of the performing arts, draws from an extremely representative selection of opera and projects them in high-definition before audiences at the municipal cinema (Sala de Cultura).

On Universal Children's Day one of the most celebrated clowns from the Catalan stage brings his latest production, La gran A...ventura [història d'un Pallasso], to Formentera audiences. With a professional career that spans more than thirty years, Marcel Gros never fails to snag smiles from viewers of this “multicomical and minimedia” production, tailor-made precisely for absolutely all audiences. It can be seen Saturday November 12 at 5.30pm in the Sala de Cultura and Sunday November 13 in Santa Eulària des Riu's Palau de Congressos. La gran A...ventura comes to Formentera as part of the Platea programme.

Back on Formentera on November 19 is Cap·pela's new musical, Feel'N'Soul Vint anys de veus. Golden soul hits from Stevie Wonder, Jackson Five, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Van Morrison and more are recast here by one of the world's great vocal groups. Tenderness, elegance and a healthy dose of groove is in the air on this production, completely and entirely a cappella.

On December 10, as part of the Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics's Talent IB run, the Sala de Cultura welcomes Gran Buffet, a production by Diabéticas acelerades. This show, the latest by the Majorcan theatre group, tells the story of triplet sisters who, getting on in years, run one of Palma's most blue-collar bars. The old Palma neighbourhood is a symbol of the pluralistic and globalised society we inhabit today, where people of all castes, races, languages and colours are brought together. A musical comedy for all audiences, races, sexual identities and religions.

La Mostra d'espectacles Infantils is an effort, jointly organised with Sa Xerxa, to bring performing arts productions to local children. On Sunday December, kids will be treated to the Mariantonia Oliver dance company's presentation of Volen Volen. The show, which blends dance, circus arts and teatro de objetos, is conceived for audiences three and up.

On December 28 the Minorcans of Dosnoudosmil will arrive on the island ready to present Formentera theatregoers with Quina pescada, a fun-loving show in which keen attention to detail permeates the story, stage design and lighting.

Promoting culture
L'Illa a Escena receives support from Talent IB, a programme of the Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics, and from Platea, an initiative of Spain's Ministry of Culture which focuses on promoting the performing arts.

This kind of cultural programming is made possible thanks to Fundació Baleària, which, under a deal signed this year with the CiF, collaborates actively in putting together Formentera's cultural agenda.

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