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Formentera welcomes "El Plan"

The Formentera Office of Culture is pleased to report that Saturday 12 November at 8.30pm, the Sala de Cultura (Cinema) will host the 18-and-older production El Plan.

Winner of the 2015 Godoff Award for best play on the circuit, El Plan is a black comedy in which the protagonists gradually strip themselves of social masks and push their survival instincts and notions of friendship to the limit.

It is the story of three friends, three colleagues in misery, three ordinary people who do not seem like fictional characters. "You see people like Ramón, Ximo and Andrade every day in the bar near your home, in the elevator or on the bus; they are people no one would notice", affirm members of the theatre troupe. This feature serves a dual function: laughter and identification are sincere and immediate, but the outcome is also more shocking and painful. El Plan surprises, not only with the story it tells, but with the honest and direct way Ignacio Vidal tells it. "We find humour in the internal drama of the three acidic and corrosive characters, and the most surprising thing about the show is its formal perfection, where it seems that nothing important happens, but everything advances inexorably until the end... And, when we are perplexed and overwhelmed by this ending, we realise that nothing of what we have been told has been casual", explains the director. El Plan is, above all, a profound reflection on friendship.

Tickets are available at www.entradesformentera.cat for €7. Unemployed people and under-employed freelancers, retirees, under-25s, people with functional diversity, single-parent families and large families pay half price.

4 November 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022xi el plan

Newly formed waste commission to set projects to get funding under rubbish tax

foto 2022xi comissio residus AAna Juan, Bartomeu Escandell and Antoni Tur (respectively, the president, finance councillor and environment councillor of the Consell de Formentera), together with Miquel Mir and Sebastià Sansó, minister of environment and director general of waste and environmental education for the Balearic government, took part in the formation of Formentera's Island Waste Commission (Comissió insular de residus, CIR).

At the meeting, attendees set terms for the distribution of the Waste Prevention and Management Fund for fiscal years 2022 and 2023. These resources draw on funding from Formentera's waste tax, or cànon de residus, and are estimated to be as high as €119,808.71. The money must be used to advance prevention, preparation for reuse and recycling (particularly organic refuse) and educational campaigns.

President Ana Juan explained that "this tax will return to Formentera as investments". Attendees of the gathering said they would continue working together to determine where the tax money will go, and described projects as including improvements to waste management and recycling systems and more.

Mir voiced his satisfaction about the region-wide launch of the waste commissions, which he called "a localised tool to ensure each island benefits from investments to cut waste and manage it better to achieve the objectives in the Refuse Act (Llei de residus)".

Funding levels will depend on the implementation of rubbish and recycling pick-up schemes in each municipality, with plans for this funding to gradually shrink as pay-as-you-throw and organic waste sorting become fully incorporated. The aim is fulfilment of the objectives of regional legislation on waste and contaminated soils (Law 8/2019) as well as regulations at state and European level. Once these objectives are achieved, the tax will be marginal.

3 November 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Children and youth of Formentera participate in video to stop violence and bullying in schools

The first Thursday of November each year is International Day against Violence and Bullying at School, including Cyberbullying. Today the Formentera Office of Interior made public a video that will be disseminated across Consell de Formentera social media pages and in schools, local government and the youth drop-in centre to educate young people about the importance of not bullying classmates, telling someone if you see bullying happen and getting help if you are being bullied.

The video's protagonists are children and young people from Formentera schools who transmit this message directly. Pilar Daviu, the school liaison officer of Formentera Local Police, closes the clip reminding young people of the presence of local figures who are there to help them. Josep Marí, councillor of interior, said the video is also about "showing youth that the liaison officer is a local figure who can give them support whenever they need it".

Bullying is ongoing harassment by one or more towards a student, where verbal or physical aggression generally occurs without any apparent cause. A report by UNESCO found that one out of every three students is a victim of bullying at school.

Vanessa Parellada, councillor of youth affairs, said the adhesion of the Consell de Formentera to the bullying awareness initiative was programmed in parallel with Children's Month because "all parties involved in the education of children and young people –schools, but also families, government agencies and society at large– must pool efforts so that education and our children's future is inclusive and the rights of every human being are respected".

3 November 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022xi assetjament

Jordi Soldevila's 'Naufragis i refugis' settles into 'Ajuntament Vell'

The Formentera Office of Culture is pleased to report that at 6.00pm on Monday 7 November, Jordi Soldevila will pull back the curtain on "Naufragis i refugis".

The exhibition offers a medley of the artist's projects, including paintings incorporating varnish and acrylic on paper. In "Naufragis", the artist reflects on the two-sided reality of the maritime coast: "Unfortunately in recent years we've grown used to seeing people lose their lives and dreams between the sea and the sand of our shores. And yet, a morning walk on our beaches after a stormy winter day is also a gift and boon for the imagination". Anonymous and eclectic, these "fragiums" are the protagonists of the pictorial compositions that make up "Naufragis".

The "Refugis" of part two refers to places of shelter from danger or adverse circumstances and, according to Soldevila, "the counterpoint to the most devastating aspect of shipwrecks". The artist presents a series that is inspired by the simple and characteristic structures of boats of the Formentera coast. "Though built with fragments of wood and other materials that are anonymous and simple, they represent the will to protect and welcome", he says.

Painting technique
In crafting his pieces, Soldevila employs an experimental technique involving synthetic varnish as a base element on paper, a methodology borne of a process of constant study. Soldevila magnifies and enhances marks on the varnish by applying acrylic paint with a sponge, emulating the effects of engraving and lithography. Finally, he complements each piece with small paper and cardboard elements glued directly onto varnish.

Jordi Soldevila Segura was born in Manresa, holds a degree in fine arts and is a designer by profession. He has visited Formentera for fifteen years, considers himself a lover of Es Caló and likes to discover corners of the island that are not too crowded.

"Naufragis i Refugis" opens Monday 7 November at 6.00pm and can be visited at the Sala d'Exposicions "Ajuntament Vell" until 19 November. Doors are open 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm, Monday to Saturday. The exhibition space is closed Monday mornings, Sundays and holidays.

3 November 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022xi soldevila

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