Formentera Council and Govern clinch deal opening door to ordering and regulation of Estany des Peix moorage

foto-signatura-estany-des-peix1CiF chairman Jaume Ferrer and Balearic minister of environment, agriculture and fishing Vicenç Vidal signed a deal to work together on the creation and management of floating docks and environmentally-friendly moorage points at Estany des Peix.

Chairman Ferrer called the day historic. “This deal puts us in a position to regulate how boats can anchor at one of Formentera's signature sites”, he said, “and means we can finally heed a long-standing appeal of islanders, and restore the pond's environmental balance with more traditional uses of Estany des Peix”. For his part, Vidal said the deal “hands over the reins to the branch of government that's closest to the people”.

Under the deal the Formentera Council will oversee watercraft mooring at Estany des Peix once the Palma administration completes a related plan and secures approval of it by the coastal authority.

The Council, responsible for granting moorage points, will be on the hook for creating and proposing use guidelines as well, the idea being to define the terms for watercraft owners to ensure the site's “environmental and traditional values” are safeguarded.

As for the administration in Palma, the Govern will oversee science-based study and tracking of the programme's impact on the Estany des Peix ecosystem, including flora and fauna. It will also take charge of implementing strategies, together with the Formentera Council, to recover and conserve pond habitats. In October 2018, decision makers voted to enact the project with €652,154 from the “Sustainable Tourism Levy” (Impost de Turisme Sostenible).


March 27, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council