Safety —in public health, at sea and on the road— on the agenda as security council gathers

foto 2020 junta local seguretat 1The Formentera Junta Local de Seguretat (Local Security Council) convened earlier today for a session chaired by Consell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer and Balearic envoy Aina Calvo. Also on hand at the meeting were local head of central government affairs Enrique Sánchez Navarrete; chief of the national police force of Eivissa Manuel Hernández; Guardia Civil commander Enrique Gómez Bastida; local head of interior Josep Marí; social welfare chief and PSOE representative Rafael Ramírez; Gent per Formentera spokesman Bartomeu Escandell; Sa Unió spokesman Lorenzo Córdoba; director of the Balearic division of emergencies and interior Jaime Barceló; local police chief Félix Ramos, and chief Guardia Civil colonel in the Balearics Alejandro Hernández, among other authority figures. Some council members attended the session in person while others participated virtually.

At the encounter President Ferrer applauded the coordination of Formentera’s security forces and saluted their efforts in recent months to guarantee local health safety. Formentera officials impressed upon the regional and national figures in attendance the importance of continuing to coordinate with heads of security on the island — “the most familiar with the specific needs here on the ground”, stressed Ferrer.

Safety at sea and on the road
Another point of discussion at the gathering was the issue of maritime and highway safety. Four Guardia Civil agents have been dispatched to the island to assist in traffic patrols during the high season. Participants also learned that from 27 July, civil guard officers will bring the Río Segura to Formentera and Eivissa waters. The vessel has multiple auxiliary craft that President Ferrer pointed out would be used to patrol mooring on nearby beaches.

Irregular migration to Formentera also came up for discussion, and Junta members learned of protocol currently under development in light of covid-19.

Official visit
Before the security council gathering, Alejandra Ferrer and Aina Calvo sat for their first meeting of the term. The Balearic envoy welcomed “the Consell’s collaboration during the months-old pandemic” and applauded regular islanders for their patience and “for showing the way to the rest of the country throughout the phases of confinement de-escalation”. “Formentera was the focus of Spanish media attention”, said Calvo, “and you passed with flying colours thanks to the collaboration, patience and commitment of residents”.

17 July 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera