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Local police close three establishments for violation of noise pollution normative

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The Formentera Council strives to offer nightlife alternatives respectful of the local population

The Formentera local police, at the behest of the Office of Activities, are conducting inspections of the island's nightlife establishments. The checks ensure that proper legal conduct is maintained in locales which might possibly enfringe upon the restful hours of the island's population in summer. These serve as opportunities for local authorities to correct excesses in sound levels and maintain a positive environment within the different neighbourhoods of Formentera.

More than ten sanctionary measures for noise pollution and other unauthorised activities have been brought against nightlife locales across the island. Furthermore, in what have served as provisionary measures in the case of three Es Pujols establishments in order to bring sound levels at the locales in line with current regulations, the sound sources of the alleged infractions (speakers, stereo equipment, etc.) have also been sealed off.

Thus, as stated in Royal Decree 1367/2007 [17 November] regarding offensive noise with reference to sound zoning, quality and sound emission objectives; with articles 53-62 of Law 1/2007 [16 March] regarding noise pollution in the Balearic Islands; and articles 27-31 of Law 37/2003 [17 November] regarding offensive noise, provisionary measures were adopted at three locales on 9 August. This included sealing off by local police agents of the offending sound sources.

Penal charges are reviewed by the Office of Activities of the Council in order to determine which punitive measure shall be applicable in a particular case. Once a locale has attended to the necessary changes, the 'precinct' that has been applied (usually a sealing-off of the particular equipped found in violation of regulations) can be lifted.

In accord with Article 53 of Law 1/2007 [16 March] on noise pollution in the Balearics, it falls under the responsibility of the Formentera Island Council to ensure that this law is upheld, to enforce corrective measures, indicate limitations, carry out all necessary checks and impose sanctions in the event of non-compliance.