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A thousand complaints of which have already charged the 80%

Imatge de la roda de premsaLocal Police of Formentera has brought a thousand complaints of which have already charged the 80%.
Thanks to the agreement between the Consell of Formentera and the Tax Office of the Balearic Islands, traffic reports are made electronically.
The president of the Consell Insular of Formentera, Jaume Ferrer, along with the local police chief, Joan Mayans presented this morning the traffic reports filed by the Local Police force by computer during the months of July and August.
Using electronic devices PDA, Personal Digital Assistant, have imposed a thousand complaints of traffic, which have already claimed 80%.
It should be noted that most offenders have benefited from subsidies reduction of the penalty from 50% to make the payment instantly. Recall that in this respect has been a change of law, increasing the subsidy rate from 30% to 50% in the payment and the valid period to qualify for this reduction of 15 to 20 days.
The relationship of the complaints charged establishes that the vast majority have been made in cash immediately at the time of the offense (over 800), almost a hundred through a bank and a few electronically.
As reported by the local police chief, Joan Mayans, most violations are due to bad parking in urban areas, with a penalty of between 50 and 100 euros. Also, the remaining 20% of the complaints are under examination to be recovered, mostly in phase of driver identification requirement.
The local police have 8 PDAs. These mechanisms were originally designed for handheld computers and PDA with handwriting recognition system and a database for querying driver information after introduction of the number of the license plate and for be able to consult the General Regulations Traffic.
This system allows you to store and process information swiftly and securely, and offers more facilities to the public in administrative proceedings, and ensure the transparency of local policemen who have control of their daily tasks with a identification code.
This method is possible thanks to an agreement between the Consell Insular of Formentera and the Tax Office of the Balearic Islands.