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Minimum services at Telecentre

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The Telecentre, an Internet-access and computer resource centre located at the Marià Villangòmez Library in Sant Francesc Xavier, has reduced its selection of services during the high-season months of summer in order to better adapt itself to current demands. Ordinary services will resume on 2 September.

62.15% of Telecentre users are students and youth below 30 that are currently either on summer holiday or working. As such, use by this segment of the population of the computer-Internet resource centre is reduced. For those individuals that continue requiring the Telecentre service in summer, there are two computers with free Internet-access located next to the Marià Villangòmez library's front desk area and two additional computers at the Casal de Joves (Youth Centre).

In this way the range of services available are adapted to the demands that exist at that moment, which has also meant temporarily incorporating the head of the Telecentre into the Formentera Council's Information Technologies office.

The Formentera Island Council inaugurated the Telecentre in 2006, fitting the location with ten workstations; ten computers, each equipped with headphones and a DNI-scanner; printing services and a broadband ADSL Internet connection (20 Mbps), all in the interest of bringing the digital world within the reach of the island's residents.

The most common activities of Telecentre users are Internet consultation, online games, accessing social networking websites, email consultation, drafting documents with OpenOffice and document printing, among others.

Above all else, the Telecentre was conceived as a way to improve the quality of life of local residents, minimise the risk of digital alienation among underprivileged groups, establish a meeting point, make the Council's digital services available to local residents and stand as a revitalizing force for the economic and social fabric of the surrounding area. The Information Age is already a part of our reality, and guaranteeing access for everyone is a part of guaranteeing equal opportunities for all.


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