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Media Newspaper library Environment Partido Popular reveals gaping lack of knowledge on issues in Formentera

Partido Popular reveals gaping lack of knowledge on issues in Formentera

platjaapunt 2013

With regard to the press release published today by the Partido Popular of Formentera in which the political group decries the absence of wastebins at island beaches and accuses the Formentera Council of acting with impunity with the businesses contracted to provide beachside services; in which the political group charges the non-completion of contracted services of cleaning (of seashore and of the areas immediately surrounding beachside facilities), the Office of Environment wishes to make manifest the following:

The Council of Formentera wishes to remind this group's representatives of the August 2012 plenary session – at which the Partido Popular was present – that saw approval for the replacement of wastebins along the entire Formentera coastline. This action was included in the expansion of the CESPA, SA. company contract for the collection of solid waste as well as roadside and beachfront cleaning. At the 2012 plenary the Partido Popular manifested its rejection of the proposal to instate recycling on Formentera's beaches and likewise rejected an effort to minimise the impact of this change.

The Formentera Island Council wishes to make clear that the accusations of the PP of Formentera are false. This is evidenced by the presence of wooden wastebins on Formentera's beaches until summer 2012, and by the acquisition during the 2013 summer season of a total of 130 large-capacity divided wastebins which, for the first time, additionally allowed for the recycling of plastics.

This measure responded to technical criteria on sustainability; its objective being to minimise waste accumulation on island beaches and simultaneously reduce the number of heavy-load collection vehicles in transit there, both factors in natural beach slope and talus erosion. The instalments are wastebins and not skips, or “rubbish containers”, and they are situated in the parking and promenade entrance areas along the coastline.

Moreover, the declarations of the PP, in addition to revealing a gaping lack of knowledge regarding the waterfront waste collection and cleaning particulars of these contracts, are suspiciously confrontational with respect to the new contract-holders. These are businesses that legitimately won bids for the provision of seasonal services, and the current criticism to which they have been subject – alleging lack of cleaning services at the seaside concessions – has been made with no basis in proof. Insofar as the Formentera Council is concerned, these are serious accusations that, not founded upon fact, attempt to intentionally mislead public opinion.

The technical services of the Office of Environment perform checks of all of the island's beach concessions and sanctionary measures have been brought against those businesses found in non-compliance of contracts, a procedure applied with equanimity to the ensemble of contract-holders.


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