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Media Newspaper library Environment Increasingly diversified markets reflected in summertime drop in scooters entering natural park

Increasingly diversified markets reflected in summertime drop in scooters entering natural park

parcnatural 2013This morning in press conference the Formentera Island Council's councilor of the Environment and New Technologies, Sílvia Tur, presented data gathered under the directive on management and transport for the Ses Salines Natural Park of Eivissa and Formentera.

The period of monitored parking at Ses Salines Natural Park began 13 May and extended through 30 September. This was the sixth summer that the sustainable parking plan was implemented at Ses Illetes and Llevant, the beaches of Formentera that receive greatest visitor traffic.

The Office of the Environment's assessment of the programme has been quite positive, considering it has helped reach objectives of decreasing parking in unauthorised areas, keeping the roads within the Ses Salines park cleared and in good working order, facilitating passage for emergency vehicles and creating zones of exclusive-use for official vehicles.

Despite high vehicle traffic through the natural park, access was only closed a total of five times over the course of the summer. This measure is adopted only when maximum vehicle capacity is reached, normally permitting 343 cars and 1,132 motorscooters.

Entry of non-resident scooters was logged on 123,160 occasions, compared to a total of 139,050 in 2012. Likewise, non-resident cars entered 60,350 times in 2013 compared to 63,093 times in 2012. Finally, figures for 2013 reflected entry onto the park grounds by 3,997 non-resident four-by-four vehicles compared to 4,497 in 2012.

Funds raised in 2013 by the concession-holding company Ibifor for monitored entry into Ses Salines reached 765,831€. This was 8.75% less – a 73,387€ difference – than the 839,218€ raised in 2012.

Assessment of year 2013 statistics explains how, despite an initial May 2013 increase of vehicle entry into the park compared to May 2012, car and scooter entry decreased over the rest of the summer months. This was due to a redistribution of tourists across the other beaches of Formentera and an usually high number of inclement weather days, concentrated especially at the end of August.

As established by the contract between Ibifor Ltd. and the Formentera Council, the local administration receives a fixed sum of 140,000€ and a variable percentage that in 2013 was 95.581€.

With this revenue, the Council can meet the cost requirements of additional park services like car park cleaning; afternoon waste collection from rubbish bins (from Monday to Friday all summer); complementary collection at midday; maintenance and watering of dirt roads; extra security personnel to assure compliance with environmental regulations in place at the park and demarcation of reserved parking zones for emergency vehicles, put in place for the first time this summer. This increased liquidity permits the Council to maintain the regularity of certain beach services that – as in the case with afternoon cleaning and midday rubbish collection – would have otherwise been deleted.


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