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La Savina canal sanitation

Canallasavina webThe Office of the Environment of the Formentera Island Council is preparing the cleaning of the canal that separates the salt-water ponds of the La Savina at Carrers Gregal and Ponent (streets).

Sanitation activity will include the removal of mud and sediment currently obstructing the different canals to favour freer circulation of water. The process will be carried out both manually and utilizing special machinery.

The canal's cleaning comes as part of an effort to ameliorate the image currently held of La Savina. It is intended also as a means to resolve the existing problems of odour and flies that affect the area.

Plans anticipate a manual cleaning of accumulated waste, removal of organic matter in the canal and a pruning of the trees and bushes that run alongside it.

The area to be cleaned is approximately 300 metres in length.

The start of activity is scheduled for this Wednesday, and the work is expected to continue three or four days.

This cleaning will allow once again for a circuit of water flow to be established, eliminating the stagnant water that serves as a base for the proliferation of flies and their larvae. The activity will function to eradicate the area's fly problem.


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