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Media Newspaper library Environment Formentera Office of the Environment steps up cleaning in Es Pujols for Easter

Formentera Office of the Environment steps up cleaning in Es Pujols for Easter

neteja2 webThe Office of the Environment, together with the contract-holding company for municipal waste management, Cespa SA, has begun a cleaning campaign in the town of Es Pujols. The venture is intended to bring the town of Es Pujols – the island's frontrunner for tourist-oriented activity – up to speed for the troves Easter and summer crowds expected for 2014. This formed the basis of the presentation given today by Formentera's councilor of the Environment Sílvia Tur and one of the office's technical specialists.

As in years past, a supplementary cleaning service will be conducted in each of the island's localities. In Es Pujols this will include a series of actions: landscaping, street cleaning and waste removal from island shorelines. This week will see the start of street cleaning activity, which will include hot water pressure cleaning of all pavements and pedestrian walkways, eliminating accumulations of dirt, rubbish and old chewing gum. The work was already carried out initially at the end of the 2013 tourist season, but in the interest of greeting visitors with the best possible image, another application was deemed appropriate. Cleaning services will also be applied to the children’s' play areas of the island and to all of the island's dustbins.

Cleaning was extended to include pruning for all palm trees located on municipal land and pruning for the trees located along Formentera's streets. In the coming days, plants and trees will be placed in those places previously lacking, or where repairs were needed. Two palm trees plagued by the becut vermell beetle needed to be removed entirely, and thus, the planters that housed them will be eliminated and repaved with new street tiles. Select wooded areas located within Formentera's different localities will also be cleared of extra vegetation. Additional cleaning will be applied to pavements, focusing particularly on the street sides around roundabouts and bypass roads. These areas will also receive new trees and plants where necessary and pavements will benefit from rubbish and waste removal.

Finally, sand will be added and subsequently graded near the underwater pipeline located on the Es Pujols beach, sealed off and abandoned for several years due to intense storms that had left the area uncovered. A sifting of the sand is scheduled to begin just before Holy Week.


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