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Media Newspaper library Environment Formentera Council moves Bob Baldon Children's Park within Sant Ferran

Formentera Council moves Bob Baldon Children's Park within Sant Ferran

parcbobaldon 2014webbonaIn view of the imminent start date for construction of 14 units of officially-protected public housing in Sant Ferran, the Formentera Council's Office of the Environment, Industry and Energy wishes to announce the relocation of the Bob Baldon Children’s Park.

Before initiating the change, councillors of the Environment, Sílvia Tur, and Education, Sònia Cardona, organised meetings with the Sant Ferran Primary School administration as well as parents and neighbourhood associations. On the heels of these discussions it was decided that the most adequate initial solution would be to reconstruct the park upon the schoolyard of the current Sant Ferran Primary School. The decision, however, does not affect upcoming plans to remodel the current structure of the Sant Ferran Primary School: when the school remodel plans begin, an even newer children's park will be designed upon the school grounds.

Initially the Bob Baldon park was constructed as a solution to high neighbourhood demand. Until that time the area had no similar parks other than the one located on school property.

Take-down and moving operations – overseen by the “Prontxio. diseño en madera” company – have already begun and carry a cost of 25,320€ before VAT. All activity related to the park move must be completed by 30 May.

Visitors will be able to access the park's new location in the afternoon, but the Council is also studying possible improvements to this plan such as including opening hours on weekends.

The preliminary portion of the move required dismounting all of the pre-existing elements of the park. Next, the most significant change for the park in its new location will be new flooring. This will consist of a base of concrete on the bottom with safe continuous concrete on top, forming a total surface area of 220m2. Likewise, the park's relocated volleyball court will be painted with special sports-surface-use painting and white dividing lines will be repainted as well.

Three playground structures in the park's play area will also be restored, in a process that includes polishing, repainting and repairing any broken parts. Finally, two entirely new play structures for small children will be installed as well.

Included among the additional park furniture are five benches and four rubbish bins, and an additional change includes repairing the school's surrounding fence and trimming vegetation in the area where the future park will be located. Not only will the changes be made with the utmost respect for the look and feel of the original park, but any re-usable elements will also be taken advantage of and employed in the newly-restored structures.


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