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5 minutes for the environment

5 minuts mediambientThe December 1972 session of the United Nations General Assembly in Stockholm established 5 June as World Environment Day.

In so doing it was the Assembly's intention to raise global awareness on sustainability and foster an evolution of attitudes around important environmental issues.

In recent decades the environment has occupied a position of utmost importance in the minds and on the agendas of local residents, associations and political groups.

There are a host of matters that have yet to be resolved today. Some of these issues have their causes and solutions in far-off locations, but others must be collectively debated here on the island or individually at home.

In a place such as Formentera, where the environment and natural surroundings form the indisputable basis for our local economy, the Formentera Council and its own Office of the Environment do not wish to miss any opportunity to acknowledge a day so crucial for the world at large, and for us in particular.

Out of respect for the guiding spirit behind the original UN declaration, we want to give everyone the opportunity to take a moment out of his or her day to ponder what our own island would be like without care taken for the environment.

The idea of 5 minutes for the Environment is a short moment of silence during which anyone sensitive to the environment, anyone aware of the necessity for change in our lifestyle and government, can participate.

A moment of quiet tranquility is the greatest homage we can think of for an island that gives us, day after day, its absolute best.

Day: 5 June
Location: Es Caló
Time: 5 pm


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