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Media Newspaper library Environment Looking ahead to 2015 season, Council asks Bureau of Coastal Demarcation for beachfront permits

Looking ahead to 2015 season, Council asks Bureau of Coastal Demarcation for beachfront permits

kayacThe Formentera Island Council's office of the environment has sent Demarcació de Costes (the Balearic Bureau of Coastal Demarcation) its application for permits that would allow certain installations to be mounted on public waterfronts.

In so doing, the goal of the Council is to have all kiosks and other seaside concessions open and ready for service by 1 May – the start of the tourist season.

For the first time this year, when the Bureau of Coastal Demarcation gives its answer, any permits the office issues will have a duration of four years. The newly-revised 'shoreline law' (commonly referred to in Spain as 'la ley de costas') allows local public administrations to request permits anywhere from one to four years in length. In this way, the Formentera Council can streamline the bureaucratic process for waterfront concessionaires, who, despite receiving contracts that authorise long-term operations, are presently still required to re-apply to the bureau for permission to assemble and mount their kiosks at the start of each season. Last year's concessionaires, for example, received contracts to operate beachfront establishments that are theoretically valid for eight years.

Another highlight of the Council's recent application was its request on behalf of eight waterfront kiosks and one sailing school to be granted permission to continue operations during the winter season.

Council members hope, in so doing, to sustain the positive effects on tourism witnessed last year thanks to the decision to keep certain kiosk bars open.

This particular application, in addition to containing a request for permits to install warning buoys along Formentera beaches and to set up lifeguard and rescue service points, also includes a request for authorisation to construct public toilets in the Ses Salines National Park and a request to install an information kiosk next to the Ses Illetes beach bus stop.


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