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Media Newspaper library Environment Cleaning operations get Es Caló ready for local Sant Agustí festivities

Cleaning operations get Es Caló ready for local Sant Agustí festivities

Es CaloThis week in Es Caló, the Formentera Council office of the environment will give public cleaning operations an extra push, the goal being to leave the island's quaint harbour town spotless by 28 August, the day of the town's patron saint Augustus, or Sant Agustí.

A cleaning brigade will arrive at the Es Caló shoreline and comb local beaches for rubbish before giving planter pots and green areas one last appraisal, clearing out any cigarette butts and waste paper and giving all plants a heavy watering.

The team will also hit the town's two car parks, weeding surrounding areas and spraying the asphalt parking lot with a high-pressure water-cleaner. To avoid cutting off parking to daytime visitors, operations are scheduled for the early morning hours.

In the coming days, Council-led cleaning will also include pruning the tamarind plants along the Sa Pujada trail and pressurized-cleaning the pavements located closest to the main highway.

The entire town of Es Caló de Sant Agustí will receive complete hydro-cleaning treatment before and after the festivities of 24-25 August that celebrate the town's namesake. Over the course of the weekend there will be a special mass, performances of traditional ball pagès dancing, an array of children's activities and, of course, a Flower Power festival, with DJing provided by the island's own DJ Pharma.

Cleaning campaigns are a frequent feature of Formentera Council activity. Two weeks ago, a similarly-composed cleaning team removed 20 bags containing a total of 400 kg of rubbish from the Es Trucadors zone of Formentera. The majority of the waste collected is empty food packages, as well as materials brought to shore by ocean currents.


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