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Media Newspaper library Environment Twenty-three tonnes of light plastics collected from local beaches

Twenty-three tonnes of light plastics collected from local beaches

papereres1So far this season, the office of the environment of the Formentera Council has overseen the removal of 23,000 kilogrammes of recyclable plastic food containers from collection points at beaches across the island.

Breaking down figures on a month-to-month basis, the month of May saw the collection of 4,000 kg; in June this number was 6,100 kg and in July it grew to 7,020 kg. As yet only partial data is available for August, but a total of 5,420 kg of light plastics was already collected in the first 20 days of the month.

Councillor of the environment Sílvia Tur voiced her satisfaction with the figures, stating “the changes made earlier this season have proven worthwhile.” She added, “Over the last ten years we had relied on a strategy of high quantities of wastebins on every local beach. This model served its purpose and for a time was quite successful, but it's been obsolete ever since we've had a recycling programme in place across the island.”

Tur reminded residents that “in the old system, waste of all sorts ended up one single container. What we've done is to relocate the waste receptacles, placing them closer to points of entry at beaches. We've also made them bigger. The change has allowed us to eliminate the spectre of rubbish lorries that drove directly on the sand. This was often a considerable inconvenience for beachgoers.”

Councillor Tur conceded that there are still improvements to be made. She explained, “Beachfront concession-holders are required by contract to keep their parcel of land in conditions. That includes providing wastebins, or often – better still – recycling bins.”


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