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Media Newspaper library Environment Council prevails in first two judgements re: 2013 public tender of 48 coastal plots

Council prevails in first two judgements re: 2013 public tender of 48 coastal plots

kiosco escalo1The Formentera Council has received notification that the courts have ruled in the public administration's favour with respect to the first two trials brought against the council regarding the 2013 public tendering of coastal lots. To be precise, the news relates to court sentences 370/2014, of 15 December, brought by Marcos Negrón, and 495/2014, of 23 December, brought by Riusados Ltd.

There were a total of nine proceedings initiated with regard to the public tender of coastal infrastructure. Of the nine, one was retracted and the present two resolved in the Formentera Council's favour. The remaining six cases are still awaiting hearing and judgement.

Complaints by Marcos Negrón dealt with one bidder's alleged incapacity to actually operate a business. The case brought by Riusados, meanwhile, concerned abolishing the three-lot limit maintained on bids by a single company. In both cases the course of action taken by the Council was found to have acted legally.

Amore Iodio beach bar

Another matter related to Formentera coasts is a recently-announced sentence by the advisory council (Consell consultiu). Ruling on a case that was initiated by the Formentera Council, the advisory council reaffirmed a previous decision by the local administration to revoke the contract held by Amore Iodio, a beach bar located in Es Caló. The Amore Iodio concessionaires were first cited in the summers of 2012 and 2013 for minor and serious infractions of the conditions of coastal concessions and similar motions were adopted again in 2014. The Amore Iodio kiosk must be dismantled in the coming days. According to the office of the environment, public tender of the concession will be reopened for summer 2015 for a period of six years.

Previously, in 2009, the courts agreed with the Formentera Council's decision to close El Blanco and El Giallo.

Councillor of the environment, Silvia Tur, commented that such judicial resolutions “serve to strengthen the model for quality services used by the Council. It is a different approach, one that eschews sprawl and massive crowds and, also, insists on a respect for the rest and tranquility sought by the majority of Formentera's residents and visitors.”


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