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Media Newspaper library Environment Abandoned watercraft and platform removed from Estany des Peix

Abandoned watercraft and platform removed from Estany des Peix

plataforma estany 270215The Formentera Council's office of the environment has coordinated the removal, this Saturday, of two boats and a platform, all three abandoned at different points of Estany des Peix. One of the watercraft is completely under water and the other run aground on the Ses Bassetes side of the lake's perimeter.

The highly-deteriorated and corroded platform, metallic and adorned with synthetic fibre, measures some four square metres and stands near the mouth of the lake.

The operations will be carried out by the Posidònia Ibiza company at a cost of €4,100. The Council will assume all costs of the activity if evidence collected in situ fails to identify owners of the abandoned material.

In the fairly novel removal process, balloons will be placed underneath the watercraft and inflated. Pumps will evacuate any water accumulated at the interior in the event that no holes prevent flotation.

Several tens of boats have been removed by the Council in recent years. Councillor of the environment Silvia Tur explained the goal of such removals was “to recover the natural beauty of the island ruined by these kinds of discarded objects”.


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