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Media Newspaper library Environment “The Govern Balear is letting Formentera turn into Eivissa's dance floor”

“The Govern Balear is letting Formentera turn into Eivissa's dance floor”

Silvia Tur partyboats210415Silvia Tur, representing the Formentera Council as the administration's environmental councillor, expressed her “disappointment” at the news that “the Govern Balear's proposed solution to the problem of 'party boats' is nothing more than an article – 12 lines long – within a decree on the classification of tourism-industry businesses”.

Tur reminded those in the crowd at a Tuesday morning press conference that “these parties – in boats and with loud music – are a serious disturbance to Formentera's coastline and beaches. They are a threat to the vision we are striving to obtain for Formentera”.

In the words of the councillor of the environment, the issue is so crucial that “all of our political parties, unanimously, in the most recent debate on the state of the island, came together and voted to prohibited such practices”.

Councillor Tur bemoaned the fact that “on a question so important – at the root of so many disputes last summer and the driving force behind so many meetings and working groups – Bauzà has chosen to govern by means of a decree that is amnesic with respect to the actual will of Formentera...What's worse, the decree is an open call to use the Formentera coastline as a continuation of Eivissa dance floors”.

According to the environmental councillor, “article 147, which is being marketed by the Govern as the party boat regulation, includes neither punitive measures, infractions, nor any sort of restriction vis-à-vis these protected areas of our coastline”.


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