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Media Newspaper library Environment Cleaning crews descend upon la Savina canal

Cleaning crews descend upon la Savina canal

neteja lasavina canalThe office of the environment of the Formentera Council has begun the task of removing accumulated sediment and clay matter from the la Savina canal that links l'Estany des Peix and l'Estany Pudent. The work is expected to be completed within five days.

The operations will effect an increased water flow and a drop in the populations of mosquitoes and midges, a perennial nuisance for neighbourhood residents and area restaurants.

Such insects take advantage of pockets of stagnant water—which causes an increase in troublesome sediments—to lay their eggs and larvae. In addition to removing the sediment, Council cleaning crews will take the opportunity to clear out rubbish and other plant matter from the canal as well as trim some of the trees and bushes that border the waterway.


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