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Preselection phase of search for skilled tourism workers

foto preselecció madridWith the help of jobs portal turijobs.com, the CiF office of tourism and trade has got the selection process under way that will provide a reserve of seasoned tourism industry workers for Formentera businesses this summer. “Signups yielded 9,114 candidates for the 130 jobs that our island businesses have proposed,” explained tourism councilor Alejandra Ferrer. “From that initial pool, 400 individuals were contacted for phone or Skype interviews,” she reported.

As part of the Formentera Talent Tour, interviews with the 400 preselected candidates will be conducted this week. “The first 100 interviews are scheduled at the Marriot Princesa in Madrid, with similar proceedings taking place tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday in Sevilla, Bilbao and Barcelona, respectively,” explained Councillor Ferrer. Business owners and operators themselves will then select employees based on the information obtained in interviews. The Council has pledged to provide any required technological support – like setting up video conference calls so that employers can establish initial contact with the job seekers.

Ferrer said the project arose from an interest among Formentera’s business community in having access to trained, experienced professionals “to fill positions not just in infrastructure but also the service sector”. So that hiring businesses know which contenders are already here on the island and have got housing, a particular section of the workers pool will be dedicated to Formentera residents. The initiative has received additional support from the Eivissa-Formentera chamber of commerce and the Pitiüsa-based SME federation, PIMEEF. It has been financed by the Formentera Council to the tune of €35,000.

Moreover, Councillor Ferrer announced her office would be giving a presentation today in Madrid before members of various media outlets. The presentation will focus on two initiatives: the Descobreix (‘Discover’) campaigns that spotlight the perks of Formentera in the off-season months of May and October and the island’s network of green trails. The councillor described the Council’s set-up in Madrid which combines a stationary bicycle and virtual reality goggles to give would-be visitors a preview of our little corner of paradise.



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