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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Saturday 'Parasceve' takes stage in Formentera

Saturday 'Parasceve' takes stage in Formentera

parasceve 2 copiaThis Saturday at nine pm in the Sala de Cultura (Cinema) the Office of Culture of the Formentera Council will host Blai Bonet's Parasceve, the author's only production written for the stage. Included on the events calendar for the Sant Jordi holiday, the evening of theatre is also part of the programme Illa a Escena.


Though poet, storyteller and Mallorca-native Blai Bonet (Santanyí, 1926-1997) is celebrated for the universality of his reach, in his lifetime he would only produce one work of theatre: Parasceve. The play is a portrait of the people, families and whole societies held prisoner by war. Bonet focuses on his characters as individuals rather than political figures to convey the familiar quality of this emotional tale.


Based on the story of the Skiud household, Parasceve stands as a psychological family-portrait in a time of war. Faced with a tale that is so intensely personal, those in the audience are hard-pressed to remain safe sideline spectators. The message, then, becomes timeless and one that is unbounded by time. Before the transversal commonality of war, any other barriers fade into the periphery. Faithfully representing the playwright's original text, the company guides the audience through the cleansing process that must accompany any tragedy. Hence, the theatre and stage are transformed into ritual ground.

The current production of Parasceve is an unmissable opportunity to see Blai Bonet recoup human form. What T-SHOCK manages to convey scenographically with Parasceve is the savageness inherent in the choices we make; a representation of nothing less than devastation itself. Though purely symbolic, the universe created becomes a scene of conflict for truly dark forces.

Brought to the stage by the T-SHOCK company, Parasceve is directed by Jeroni G.Obrador and includes acting by Marta Barceló, Guillem Juaneda (from the film El perfecto desconocido) and David Pérez. Parasceve is involved in Circuit Talent IB, a talent circuit for music and stage productions that is promoted by the IEB and the Balearic Islands Regional Ministry of Culture. Circuit Talent IB is aimed at promoting cultural exchange between Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera. It has already brought to the island Fràgil (from Eivissa group Clownidoscopio) and is behind performances this month from Mallorca theatre group Circ Bové (Es Cirquet) and Menorca singer-songwriter Leonmanso.

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