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Debris cleared from local gully

posidonia acumuladaIn an announcement today, the Formentera Council's Office of Environment detailed recent work by the department to clear a gully called “torrent de s'Alga” located on the Migjorn coastline, of accumulated sediment and seaweed. According to environment councillor Daisee Aguilera, heavy rains in December and January led to a large build up of sediment at the mouth of the torrent, or gully. “There was a risk,” she said, “the pile-up of rocks would prevent fishermen from getting their boats on the water.”

Faced with that possibility, fishermen petitioned for the debris to be removed and a deal was struck between the Council and the coastal authority to that effect. The administration brought in an outside company to carry out the week-long task, which entailed ridding the gully of 350 cubic metres of material — 250m3 of rocks and 100m3 of posidònia seagrass. Similar circumstances came to pass some twenty years ago, when accumulated sediment ultimately obstructed exiting fishermen. In that case, crews worked in the water to remove the debris, a task Aguilera described as “much more laborious”.


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