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Areas General Services Presidency Forest buffer zone incorporated into es Ram swath of la Mola

Forest buffer zone incorporated into es Ram swath of la Mola

Faixa forestal es ram fotoThe president's office of the Formentera Council has enlisted a specialist firm in a bid to fireproof a wooded area in the es Ram neighbourhood of la Mola. Beginning at camí d'es Ram, the buffer zone stretches from the highway to the waterline and measures 1,700 metres (m) by an average of 17.5m.

Department head Bartomeu Escandell framed the measure as “risk reduction in a characteristically fire prone part of the island”. The undertaking involved thinning out the height and expanse of growth and setting up structures which can be used by fire-fighting crews.

Councillor Escandell took the opportunity to remind Formentera residents that in 2017 the island has been under high-risk alert since Monday, May 1, a status which will remain in effect through October 15. During this time all fires are strictly prohibited within 500m of wooded areas in the Balearics, barring express permission from the Council. Escandell highlighted the instrumental role of islanders in preventing forest fires.

The current procedure concludes the second phase of an initiative started last year by Ibanat forest service employees.


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