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Areas Social action Social Welfare Invitation for bids to construct Formentera's funeral parlour

Invitation for bids to construct Formentera's funeral parlour

The Formentera Council's Office of Social Welfare has announced the start of competitive bidding to build the island's municipal funeral services. Notice was placed in the official bulletin of the Balearic Islands (BOIB) on Saturday, July 1. Interested firms have 26 business days from the ad's publication to submit bids.

The Formentera Council is the arm of government authorised to grant contracts for construction of such services. The project has got a €664,000 budget (VAT included) and must be completed in eight months. The funeral parlour will be located beside the cemetery on the plot where the island's dependent persons' care centre and future residence for the elderly is located.

The Council's chief of social welfare expressed her expectation the building, which she called “a crucial part of local infrastructure,” would be ready in less than a year. “Formentera's residents deserve a quality, responsive service,” she added, “and I hope the facilities here will be equipped to provide that”.

The 388-square-metre space, complete with four viewing rooms and a special practice space for professionals, will also include a space for loved ones to gather and bid farewell to their departed.

Information for bidders can be found on the Formentera Council website in the section “perfil de contractant” and at the following link: http://www.consellinsulardeformentera.cat/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=177%3Aexposicio-publica-projectes&id=4802%3A2017-05-05-10-55-04&lang=ca.




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