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Areas Social action Social Welfare Day Centre receives “ONCE Solidarios” honour

Day Centre receives “ONCE Solidarios” honour

Foto premi onceSocial welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada and Marta Uriarte, the chief of Formentera's care centre for dependent persons, attended a ceremony to honour recipients of the “ONCE Solidarios” prize at the Teatre Principal in Palma. Expressing a deep gratitude for the distinction, Parellada took the opportunity to congratulate the Day Centre's entire staff “for the professionalism and dedication that made it possible” and asserted, “with recognition like this, we are all the more driven to move forward with the Day Centre project”.

The Formentera Day Centre, an initiative of the Formentera Council, received the distinction from the Balearic division of ONCE, which salutes exceptional programmes and projects in disability prevention, rehabilitation and social inclusion, accessibility and removing barriers, both physical and mental, to equal opportunities for all.

The Centre was hailed as “an invaluable resource on the island” for its work improving quality of life among disabled people and their families and for collaborating with associations and other stakeholders that provide care for people with disabilities.

They were also lauded for participating in other groups' campaigns and activities like Carnaval, environmental outreach, Formentera's Festa Intercultural and Three Kings' Day celebrations increasing the visibility of concerns of people with disabilities  

The Centre was also lauded for its collaboration in other groups' campaigns and activities—Carnaval, environmental outreach, Formentera's Festa Intercultural and Three Kings' Day celebrations among them—which increase visibility for the issues faced by people with disabilities.

Aromatic garden
Also applauded were the Centre's efforts to boost personal autonomy and social involvement, such as with the aromatic garden occupational training project.

Highlighting the Day Centre's work raising awareness and eradicating the stigmas that dog the disabled community, “ONCE Solidarios” called the local facility a “model of better practices” in personalised care.




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