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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera ramps up fishing patrols

Formentera ramps up fishing patrols

rsz raorIn an statement issued this morning, the CiF president's office announced the start last weekend of intensified patrols to tackle fishing of the pearly razorfish, or raor in Catalan. Surveillance by boat, land and, for the first time this year, drones is being deployed in the crackdown.

From Friday to Sunday, surveillance crews of the Formentera Council teamed up with agents of Els Freus Marine Reserve to educate fishermen about the rules that govern raor fishing and the areas in which its capture is permitted. According to Bartomeu Escandell, secretary of the president's office and the rural affairs department, the administration's inspector has already issued two pleasure boats citations for fishing in areas where it is prohibited.

Escandell pointed out that catches of raor are capped at fifty, per person per day, and the daily per-boat limit is three hundred. Fishing prohibitions enter into force from April 1 to August 31 as a way to ensure female fish have sufficient time to spawn.


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