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Save Posidonia Project Festival rolls into town

Foto spp presentacioToday marked the start of Save Posidonia Project Festival, four days and more than one hundred activities encompassing sports, culture, education and the environment.

Most of the events will take shape in the island's nerve centre, Sant Francesc, between plaça de la Constitució, avinguda Porto Salé and jardí de Ses Eres, where artists and artisans of the island have set up stands to showcase their own posidonia-inspired work.

Attendees will be treated to a fashion show from some of the island's own designers. Among them are Gemma Mengual and Cristina Piaget, two particularly special models who will crown the Friday event with their undersea runway experience.

Visitors of an audiovisual space in the plaza will see assorted projections on the environment, starting with the Festival's opening event, a screening of the Formentera-shot Cousteau Divers followed by a brief conversation with the filmmaker, Pierre-Yves Cousteau, about why posidonia's preservation is critical.

Workshops for kids
It wouldn't be a festival without youth education. Formentera pupils built their own display of the undersea world and students from Mallorca produced a comic strip; both are on view. Plus, there will be activities that show kids fun ways to learn about posidonia.

This morning, fifty or so scientists in the Blue Carbon initiative got a chance to see Formentera's marine ecosystem up close. With half of the group on oxygen bottles and the other half in snorkelling gear, participants surveyed the waters near the beaches of Es Pujols. The scientists are running a programme about blue carbon.

Tomorrow, the local cinema (Sala de Cultura) will host the Posidonia Forum, where associations, agencies and key players in tourism and ecology will come together for talks and round-table discussions about the outlook for Formentera's tourism and environment moving forward.

Formentera Council vice-president Susana Labrador and Govern presidential cabinet secretary Pilar Costa will speak to audiences at the Forum's 10.00am inaugural ceremony. The island's environment secretary, Daisee Aguilera, will lead a presentation on the Formentera Coast Anchorage Project (Projecte de Fondejos del Litoral de Formentera). At 6.00pm, Govern balear vice-president and tourism secretary Biel Barceló, together with his opposite number on the island, Alejandra Ferrer, will conclude the evening.

For all the information on Save Posidonia Project Festival, visit www.saveposidoniaproject.org.


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