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Areas Social action Sports Formentera's sport community takes oath of non-violence

Formentera's sport community takes oath of non-violence

Foto mon esportiu1Reverberations were felt across Formentera's community of sport enthusiasts. The fitness and social welfare offices of the administration urged local sport federations to sign on to a pledge to tackle domestic violence and an associated manifesto. The gathering took place on Friday at 7.00pm at the municipal sport pitch.

On hand at the event was sport secretary Jordi Vidal, who, besides voicing a renewed commitment to the cause, said “joint action is needed if we are to promote gender equality”. Tackling the scourge, he said, “is on all of us”.

Vidal turned things over to CiF social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada, who expressed her support for the Balearic government's so-called Social Covenant against Gender Violence. The pacts adherents include the Formentera Council and sport-related clubs on the island.

The event was also attended by SD Formentera's Marcos Contreras and the national trainer of the municipal athletic club, Alba Forniet, who read opening segments of the non-violence manifesto. President Jaume Ferrer and environment councillor Daisee Aguilera also appeared at the event.


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