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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Urbanism and Territory planning New by-law on outdoor patios

New by-law on outdoor patios

Ocupacio via publica reduxThe Formentera Council's land and tourism offices report that today, Tuesday, January 30, marks the start of a new ordinance, adopted by Formentera's plenary assembly December 22 of last year, to regulate terraces and other installations that occupy the public right of way.

With definitive approval for the change already secured, occupancy permits issued under the previous ordinance will no longer be valid. Hence, interested businesses must once again request authorisation by providing the supporting documentation persuant to article 10.

Permits should be requested at least one month before the plans to occupy public land and start business activity. More information is available on the Council's website (https://goo.gl/A4yjyt).

To ensure quality service and create incentives for businesses which open more than six months a year, permits will not be granted to establishments that fail to guarantee business activity between May 15 and October 15.

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