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Crews begin push to remove uralite

Recollida fibrociment uralitaThis week Formentera's Office of Environment will continue rolling out a campaign to remove uralite from island homes. Uralite is a generic term for a substance that is often more commonly referred to in the English-speaking world as asbestos.

The first days of the effort saw crews focussed on removing the offending material and asphalt cloth surrounding nine rubbish containers. Thursday they began visiting homes.

Environment secretary Daisee Aguilera was enthusiastic about islanders' interest in ridding their homes of the hazardous material, reporting this year about forty households have requested the service, which involves employees from an authorised firm overseeing controlled pick-up and treatment”.

The Council helps out households by partially reimbursing costs of removal and transport of the asbestos to the Spanish mainland, not to mention by providing the special sacks used in the process. Participating renters and homeowners are charged a fee based on the sort and amount of material removed, with the Council’s contribution deducted from the final amount billed.

The asbestos-removal initiative was agreed on in the Formentera Council's August plenary assembly.


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