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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage L'Illa a Escena back this weekend with 'Evocación', a piano and dance recital

L'Illa a Escena back this weekend with 'Evocación', a piano and dance recital

Foto evocacionFormentera's department of culture and festivities presents Evocación, a “choreographic recital” based on big-name composers like Albéñiz, Falla, Turina and Granados and dashes of contemporary poetry by way of Julio Herranz.

Taking spectators on a ride through some of the most recognised work in the Spanish classical catalogue, Evocación makes stops at Isaac Albéñiz's suite Iberia, Enrique Granados's Goyescas and Manuel Falla's La Vida Breu. On their way, Evocación's performers explore adeptly a repertoire which spans music and dance and dust off an all but forgotten mode of spectacle that brought success to an alternating cast of artists like La Argentina, Pilar López and Mariemma.

In this tribute to Spanish music and dance, ivory-tickling chops mingle with stirring dance moves, delicateness and brute force take shape, the sonic and visual come to the fore and a veritable chorus of elements converge in seamless union.

J. Jaime Hidalgo de la Torre will play piano at the event. Beyond his capabilities as a musician, Hidalgo de la Torre is a composer and currently director of Formentera's polyphonic choir. Nieves Portas will head up the dance effort. The pair, both seasoned and highly-regarded artists in their own right, are also instructors at the Formentera school of music and dance.

The evening performance, part of L'Illa a Escena, will begin Saturday, February 24 at 8.30pm in the Sant Francesc cinema. The day of the event, tickets will be available at the box office for €5 or €3 for those under 25.

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