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Areas General Services Presidency Local and regional administrations hold first working meeting

Local and regional administrations hold first working meeting

reunio-consell-govern-1-Consell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer received a visit today from Pilar Costa, the secretary of the first minister's office as well as of the culture and equality ministries of the Govern balear, for the first official working meeting between the two administrations. Both sides highlighted the collaboration characterising the previous legislative term, and stressed their shared will to continue with that same momentum over the next four years. Other Formentera officials were also on hand, including Ana Juan, the administration's vice president and councillor of housing, seniors, trade and entrepreneurship; culture and education councillor Susana Labrador; and youth, citizen participation and new technologies councillor Vanessa Parellada.

President Ferrer cited the spirit of collaboration that marked the bid to regulate incoming vehicles, and held out Formentera's Nautical Sports Centre—recently presented as part of the island's Impulse for Sustainable Tourism (ITS) strategy—as a project that “unites residents and tourists behind a single activity and setting”. That setting is Estany des Peix—and Ferrer stressed the importance of safeguards for the surrounding ses Salines reserve. The president also drove home the importance of collaboration between local island governments and the administration in Madrid, reasoning that “often Formentera is affected by decisions made elsewhere”. “We've got to keep working towards environmental and social sustainability”, she said, “these are going to be our long-term guarantees for economic stability”.

The gathering also served to arrive at consensus on issues like the transformation of the Sa Senieta building into the island's museum, and the competences on equality and LGTBI issues, which the Consell took over in January.

For her part, Ms Costa said she was confident that last term's “good relations will continue to grow during this legislative session” and that an ITS-driven financing deal could be reached for the island's ever-important Nautical Sports Centre. Costa congratulated the Consell de Formentera on the equality- and LGTBI-related efforts until today and asserted that the island could count on the Govern's continued support for the Formentera museum.

21 August 2019
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