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Formentera and Chamber of Commerce reward local businesses that decorated shop windows for holidays

foto 2019 aparadorisme 3The Consell de Formentera and Chamber of Commerce celebrated the top three contestants today in the thirteenth Christmas Shop Window Decoration Contest (Concurs d’Aparadorisme Nadalenc), a yearly initiative to get out the holiday spirit at Formentera businesses.

The winners were selected by a team of judges made up of Enric Riera, Sol Courreges, Álvaro Mendoza and José Manuel Alcaraz. (Riera is a painter and art teacher at Marc Ferrer High School; Courreges and Mendoza are artists; Alcaraz works in Formentera’s Department of Commerce.) Judges commended the imagination, originality and creativity on display at the following storefronts:

2.-De Vino
3.-Atelier Kentia

Wecobol Construction scored the first prize for a Christmas tree pieced together from recycled material (think driftwood, parking passes, building bricks and scrap metal). Wecobol’s director, Jane Wenham, pointed out that every single employee had helped build the tree, and said the company would donate its prize to the Pau Mayans Association for the Integration of People with ASD. Second prize went to De Vino bodega, where the creators crafted angels out of bottles and customer snapshots, and the third prize went home with the florists of Atelia Kentia.

Commerce consellera Ana Juan and Lina Tur, from the Chamber of Commerce, visited each business to give the Yuletide decorators their due—three commemorative plaques and cash prizes of €225, €150 and €75.

2 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera



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