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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Next Saturday, Toni Gomila and Oriol Broggi join forces and breathe life into “Rostoll Cremat”

Next Saturday, Toni Gomila and Oriol Broggi join forces and breathe life into “Rostoll Cremat”

foto-rostoll-cremat-j1The Formentera Department of Culture reports that Saturday 15 February from 8.30pm in the Sala de Cultura (Cinema), local audiences will get their chance to see Rostoll Cremat. The stage performance sees two of the Balearic and Catalan theatre scenes’ shining stars —Toni Gomila and Oriol Broggi— as they team up to breathe life into Rostoll Cremat, an allegory of human ambition and greed refracted in Mallorca today.

Directed by Broggi, the work is based on a text by Gomila, who also acts. The production reflects on contemporary society across popular and universal works of literature —local fairytale figurehead Joanet de sa gerra and George Sand provide the narrative through-lines, which also contain glimpses of Shakespeare, Chekov and Ibsen— and paints a picture of tourism in the region and the upheaval that islanders themselves are going through, underscoring the contradictory ambition lying beneath it all.

Gomila made early inroads into the world of theatre with works like Acorar, Infinir and Peccatum, though Rostoll Cremat is his first outsize production as a playwright, and we see him here in his element: not only as an actor, but also in his use of Catalan. Department head Susana Labrador encouraged islanders to “save Saturday for theatre, and prepare to reflect on the transformation of the Balearic Islands, and islanders, under tourism”.

Rostoll Cremat is a co-production of the Barcelona theatre festival Grec 2019, Palma’s Teatre Principal and Produccions de Ferro. The 110’-show starts Saturday 15 February at 8.30pm in the Sala de Cultura (Cinema). Admission is €7 for adults and €5 for viewers under 18.

10 February 2020
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