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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera asks for freeze on non-essential activity to continue until at least 26 April

Formentera asks for freeze on non-essential activity to continue until at least 26 April

On behalf of the local cabinet, Consell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer will petition Govern balear premier Francina Armengol to hold off on reactivating non-essential sectors of the economy at least until 26 April. Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez announced this weekend that non-essential businesses such as construction firms could return to work on Monday 13 April.

“The Balearic chief executive made a similar request of the central government yesterday, and this is a way to offer backing in that regard”, President Ferrer said. “To lift part of the confinement measures could be dangerous for Formentera, particularly because we have some workers in non-essential sectors who travel to get here, and that poses an added risk.”

Ferrer also offered that firms in non-essential sectors could file for temporary layoff, or ERTO, status—a route taken by businesses forced to close when confinement began. “For many of these business owners asked to assume the economic costs of the two-week freeze, it’s unsustainable”, said the president, “and we’ll need to help them if this goes on much longer, just like we did with the others”.

Infrastructure for isolation
The president pointed out that hotel owners and the local tourism industry made lodgings available for health emergencies, like individuals with possibly mild cases called on to self-isolate from their families. “Thanks to the gesture by the hospitality and tourism sectors, people asked to self-isolate can do just that”, she said.

Ferrer added that such rooms could also help prevent the local spread of Covid-19 by devoting them to asymptomatic patients. “When we receive the tests Madrid says it is sending to the autonomous regions, we’ll see whether they’re effective detecting mild or asymptomatic cases. If they are, we’ll be able to adopt more preventive isolation measures.”

6 April 2020
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