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Areas General Services Presidency “Formentera es queda a casa” says goodbye with video homage to everyone who made it possible

“Formentera es queda a casa” says goodbye with video homage to everyone who made it possible

foto comiat formenesquedaacasaThe Consell de Formentera reports that this Sunday will come with the final post from the Facebook account “Formentera es queda a casa”. As the island prepares to enter phase 3 of de-escalation on Monday 1 June, Formentera bids farewell to the profile that for nearly two and a half months kept us entertained and informed.

Since the account went online, it has attracted 1,650 followers and shared some 120 videos, almost all locally produced, and authored roughly 260 posts. Figuring among the wide-ranging content were hometown musicians trying hard to raise the spirits of their fellow islanders, fitness classes, mental-health guidance and recipes with ideas to sweeten the moment.

Home-bound formenterers fought off boredom and stayed abreast of current events with a daily test of their local knowledge, theatrical productions and performances from local actors, kids’ storytimes, a writers’ clinic, tips about caring for the environment, exhibits, film, art and book recommendations, plus content shared by the Escola de Música i Dansa, Casal de Joves, local nurseries and youth health initiative Formentera Marxa. “Formentera es queda a casa” also aired a live-cast of the three final ‘Talks for families and teachers’ series.

Before going dark on Sunday 31 May (for good, we hope), the profile will go out with a thank-you video—for everyone who pitched in to create content, and all the followers who connected and engaged from the start. And nothing’s disappearing: all the same info can still be accessed on the Consell’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, the Facebook pages of the sports office, nurseries, Agenda Formentera, the cinema and school of music and dance, and over the Instagram handles of the Casal de Joves and Formentera Marxa.

29 May 2020
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