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Areas General Services Presidency Gathering of committee tasked with regulating and promoting tourism

Gathering of committee tasked with regulating and promoting tourism

foto 2021 COPTAt a gathering earlier today of the COPT, a local body whose purview includes regulating and promoting tourism, Consell de Formentera premiere Alejandra Ferrer and head of tourism marketing Carlos Bernús sat down with representatives of the Formentera Association of Hotels, the Chamber of Commerce, the local league of small- and medium-sized businesses (Pimef), the Confederation of Business Associations in the Balearics (CAEB), travel agencies and other local tourism industry figures as well as political party leaders.

President Ferrer unpacked the current situation surrounding the Covid-19 crisis, starting with the response by local government in the pandemic’s early days and before emergency orders were first invoked, going on to chart steps to loosen stay-at-home rules and reopen the island to regional, national and finally international tourism. She spoke about a potential path toward a new de-escalation of lockdown orders in place today and about the start of the tourist season, and concluded her remarks about 2020 by highlighting the local tourism sector’s “enormous efforts to adapt to the new public health orders that came last summer”.

Ferrer proceeded by unveiling local government’s draft plans for economic recovery in 2021. The tourism sector will have a fortnight to review the plan, present it to their associates and share their own proposals in a forthcoming meeting.

Though from these collective efforts will emerge a definitive document, President Ferrer insisted that “as with everything else since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the plan won’t be set in stone. It will be tailored on an ongoing basis to the state of affairs in public health and the restrictions in place at any given point in time”.

Working document
As President Ferrer indicated, the three-part document starts with a stock-taking of public health measures, controls and information in 2020 as well as proposals to make Formentera a safe-as-possible destination in summer 2021. Finance and tax office councillor Bartomeu Escandell, also at the meeting, gave a run down of the document’s second section, which concerns economic measures to palliate effects of the pandemic-linked crisis engulfing tourism today. Carlos Bernús concluded remarks by exploring the document's third section, ‘Destination, marketing and model of tourism’, which analyses the island’s weaknesses and opportunities and discusses steps to readapt the island’s 2021 tourism marketing strategy.

9 February 2021
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