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Areas General Services Presidency Meeting to coordinate security on Formentera

Meeting to coordinate security on Formentera

foto 2021 coordinacio seguretat junyIn the assembly hall of local government today, top-ranking Consell de Formentera official Alejandra Ferrer, deputy chief Ana Juan and interior chief Josep Marí were joined by representatives of local law enforcement, the Formentera Inspection Service and the Balearic Directorate General of Emergencies for a meeting to coordinate security.

Speaking afterwards, President Ferrer described the aim of the meeting as “coordinating the work of security forces to ensure an incident-free summer, taking into account the situation generated by the crisis in public health and new changes in restrictions, such as the end of the curfew, among other measures that have been relaxed”.

Ferrer asserted that the island was “one year wiser”, and intended to repeat many of the positive results from last year.

Attendees asked the Balearic government to bolster controls by the regional inspectorate of labour, public health and emergencies and urged Madrid’s envoy to back similar reinforcements for local security forces. Earlier today, President Ferrer sent a request to members of the regional and central government administrations for reinforcements and aid to guarantee security and respect for the law on the island. Local police, for their part, will once again use monitoring drones.

Ferrer asked for coordination to curb activities such as street vending or “party boats” — illegal under any circumstances, she indicated, “but with potential to be even more dangerous now in the context of Covid”.

Network of informers
Meetings between local government and businesses in the tourism sector have begun taking place in an effort to duplicate last summer’s network of informers to alert 092 to rule-breaking. Ferrer extended the request to islanders at large.

The president also promised a revisiting of Protect Formentera, for you and for everyone!, encouraging visitors to be responsible and make sure everyone can continue enjoying the island.

4 June 2021
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