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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera asks for tougher surveillance in nature reserve and on coast

Formentera asks for tougher surveillance in nature reserve and on coast

foto 2021 Guardia Civil MaritimaConsell de Formentera President Alejandra Ferrer has met with Division General Carlos Crespo of the Coastal Prefecture and maritime police division of the Civil Guard. The officials gathered yesterday evening, with discussion focussing on local needs as the island of Eivissa prepares for a new Maritime Civil Guard office that will additionally be responsible for Formentera’s maritime security. The service’s current headquarters is on Mallorca. President Ferrer spoke to Division General Crespo about the importance of inter-agency collaboration in tracking activities in Ses Salines Nature Reserve and along the rest of the seaboard.

The president explained to Crespo that “Ses Salines needs order, and it needs it fast”. She insisted the rest of the island’s shoreline, where cultural interest landmarks vie for prevalence with protected natural spaces, was in need of reordering as well. And she decried strain placed on meadows of posidonia seagrass, which has been displaced from Ses Salines to areas like Es Pujols and Es Caló.

Participants of the meeting also addressed drinks peddling among seafaring craft, noisy “party boats”, persistent invasion of swimming areas, unauthorised motor equipment and a wave of other non-permitted activity that is dangerous, unhealthy and rooted in unfair competition. Representatives of the Civil Guard were sensitive to the Pine Islands’ need for a local base that delivered improved police presence and patrols.

The Civil Guard chief offered that the days ahead would see several maritime patrol craft, including the Río Segura, turn up in local waters.

Also on hand at the gathering were Colonel Alejandro Hernández Mosquera, who helms the Balearic Civil Guard force, along with Commander Enrique Gómez Bastida and Lieutenant Andrés Garcia.

12 August 2021
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