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Areas General Services Economy and Treasury Formentera to subsidise up to 50% of property tax for homes that harness solar energy

Formentera to subsidise up to 50% of property tax for homes that harness solar energy

The Formentera Office of Economy and Finance is pleased to report that from 2022, owners of homes incorporating solar-power for their energy needs will see their property taxes reduced up to 50%. The measure received initial approval when local decision-makers gathered for the island’s monthly plenary assembly and is now pending final approval.

FOEF chief Bartomeu Escandell said the rebate was about “promoting sustainable energy and helping us care for our environment” and described it as “part and parcel of local government has been advocating for years”.

Homeowners who receive a 40% rebate can save as much as €600 over four years if they have existing or future installations generating at least 4 kW of electricity and can provide proof from the installer. Installations rigged to feed surplus electricity back into the grid will mean 50% rebates for a maximum of €700 over four years.

Approvals fast-tracked for new installations

The Consell de Formentera has also simplified things for islanders interested in equipping their homes with solar-panel installations. Collector panels can be installed have only to notify local government and deliver related documentation to the OAC or OVAC at least one working day in advance. The tax on such installations is also being subsidised by up to 90%.

5 October 2021
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