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Areas Social action Equality policies Consell d'Entitats forms equality task force

Consell d'Entitats forms equality task force

The Formentera Office of Equality is pleased to report that last Thursday marked the opening session of the equality sub-section of the Consell d'Entitats. "This sub-unit is envisioned as an umbrella for local groups dedicated to advancing equality and creating a local roadmap to get there", explained Councillor of Equality and LGTBIQA+ Affairs Vanessa Parellada.

The first session included an overview of operations and objectives, a listing of regular and alternate members, a proposed schedule of ordinary annual meetings and a review of equality promotion actions within the FOE since the start of the legislature.

Seven associations —Espai Dones, Hotel Federation of Formentera, Formentera Basketball Club, Qué Celeste, Trampolí Mecànic, Formentera Residents’ Association (AVIF) and Santa Maria Festival Committee— participated in this first meeting. Councillor Parellada thanked association representatives for their participation and interest.

"This group will meet twice a year and will help craft cross-cutting and outcome-oriented equality policies, drawing on the expertise of our local associations and the assorted municipal departments that are also committed to this fight", she concluded.

11 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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