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National Geographic promotes Formentera to UK travellers

foto 2022 national geoThe Formentera Office of Tourism is pleased to report that yesterday National Geographic gave an online conference entitled "The other side of the Balearics" that was backed by Formentera. This presentation was aimed at travel reporters from the United Kingdom and hosted by the National Geographic magazine and website. In the words of Carlos Bernús, Director of Promotion, who participated, "this event allows us to reach a type of visitor with purchasing power who is keen on outdoor activities and conscious of sustainability, including environmental sustainability, at the destination they visit".

The presentation highlighted the advantages of visiting Formentera –an environment where one can be in near constant contact with nature– outside the months of summer, and touted the island's low-season offer of culture, sports, heritage and gastronomy. Participants also found out about initiatives like formentera.eco for a sustainable mobility and Save Posidonia Project to preserve posidonia seagrass and the local coastline, "as well as other actions being taken on our island to ensure that our visitors' experiences are unique", explained Bernús.

This presentation is included in Formentera's Strategic Promotion Plan, in which more promotional actions will be piloted in collaboration with a PR firm specialised in tourism and publicising Formentera to UK travellers. Bernús pointed out that the multitude of travel connections between the UK and the Balearic Islands, together with increasingly loose Covid travel restrictions, "has meant a spike in reservations to come to our destination".

23 March 2022
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