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Formentera assesses season and starts work on unique lodging platform

foto 2022vii COPTToday Alejandra Ferrer, vice president of the Consell de Formentera and councillor of tourism promotion and management; Carlos Bernús, chief of tourism promotion; members of the Formentera Association of Hotels, the Chamber of Commerce, the local small- and medium-sized business association (PIMEF), the Balearic Confederation of Business Groups (CAEB), travel agencies and other figures from the local tourism sector, and political party representatives, gathered to analyse occupancy data for the month of June at a meeting of the Commission for Tourism Promotion and Management (COPT).

According to surveys conducted by the Formentera Observatory, occupancy in 2022 is similar to that of 2019. In May, the average occupancy rate was 47.28%, and in June it was 84.62%. By the same barometer, 59% of visitors stay in houses and apartments, and the remaining 41% in hotels.

As highlighted at the meeting, the tourism barometer also indicates key data points like the diverse nationalities of Formentera's visitors. In terms of visitor numbers, Spanish travellers come in first, followed by Italian, then German, French and English. But tourism officials pointed out that third place could just as well be formed by grouping together visitors from other increasingly well-represented countries like Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Bookings engine
Meeting attendees also sat for presentations of assorted types of bookings engines that COPT wishes to implement on Formentera. The aim is to have a single platform with information on the various accommodations available on the island, which promotes Formentera and acts as a clearing house for information on local activities and events. At the close of the gathering, Councillor Ferrer pointed out that this platform could also be used to create accommodation and experience packages, and would be significantly less expensive than large accommodation platforms.

27 July 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera



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