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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera celebrates local police with special tribute

Formentera celebrates local police with special tribute

foto 2022x dia policia local BToday the Consell de Formentera paid its annual tribute to local police forces. Officers of Formentera Local Police (PLF) were celebrated and awards were presented to two officers for more than 15 years of service, and to two officers and the local chief for participation in an operation targeting drugs sales.

President Ana Juan congratulated the officers and highlighted the gratitude of Formentera's government and its people: "For their dedication to making our lives better, for the task isn't easy". Juan underscored coordination this summer between various forces of law and order: "Thanks go to both departments. It is clear that remarkable milestones that can be achieved through inter-agency coordination", she said, encouraging the island's security forces "to continue the commitment to public service that they show islanders day in and day out".

For his part, Josep Marí, councillor of interior, congratulated honourees and applauded extra work by the entire force this summer to provide service 24 hours a day and cover night shifts. Marí reviewed recent efforts to make the island safer, such as intervening in parties, clamping down on street vending and illegal camping, overseeing traffic stops and engaging in special operations when a boat arrives with migrants.

In accordance with the PLF's Organisation and Operation Regulation, PLF agents Marc Roig Ferrer and Marc Aragay Torres received medals for more than 15 years of upstanding service.

Merit crosses and green badges were likewise delivered to Carlos Malberti Moragón, Marc Aragay Torres and PLF chief Félix Ramos Perez, per article 131 of Decree 40/2019 (24 May) which established adoption of the Framework Regulation for coordination between local police departments in the Balearics.

The men received these honours for successful completion of an operation helmed by the Civil Guard in collaboration with PLF which led to the arrest of two people for drug sales and trafficking. The officers' participation was key to dismantling one of the most important points of sale of drugs on Formentera and intervening in an apartment used for prostitution.

The event, held at Hotel Formentera Playa, was also attended by Enrique Sánchez Navarrete, director of central government affairs in the Pine Islands, members of the National Police and Civil Guard, as well as Vice President Alejandra Ferrer, cabinet and opposition councillors, representatives of Eivissa law enforcement forces and family and friends of the PLF.

2 October 2022
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