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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities Last weekend's Formentera Zen brought wellness and digital disconnection

Last weekend's Formentera Zen brought wellness and digital disconnection

foto 2022x for zen CThis past weekend was the eighth Formentera Zen, a wellness event organised by Puro Bienestar as part of the Consell de Formentera's Discover Formentera in October campaign. More than 150 came out for the event, which included experts in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, self-knowledge, healthy habits, nutrition, fitness, dance, neuroscience, self-care and beauty, sleep and rest, sound baths, yoga and meditation.

Alejandra Ferrer, vice president and councillor of tourism, pointed out that participants hailed from various corners of Spain and beyond, with participants from Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. "The low season is a time when visitors can be in closer contact with islanders and our nature", said Vice President Ferrer, "Formentera Zen attendees can take advantage of their visit to enjoy people-centred talks tuned to cultivating healthy minds and bodies. And speakers and participants alike have ensured that, on social media, Formentera is associated with wellness, health and nature".

The 2022 programme included multidisciplinary sessions focused on the physical, intellectual, environmental and social aspects of human beings. The event featured professionals like Marta Verona (Masterchef 6), Cesc Escolà (Operación Triunfo and Muévete en casa), Jana Fernández (El Podcast de Jana Fernández), Marta Romo (Entrena tu cerebro), Marc Oromí (The Massage House), Júlia Rovira (Vadesabores) and Teresa Arnandis (Ladyscience). Additional participants included psychologist Elena Puig; London-based artist Diana Pintado; musical alchemist José Manuel Martínez, and Greek-born yoga instructor Yiannis Mukta Om.

Events on the holistic wellness programme included "When sleep gets better, everything gets better"; "Overcome the limits of your mind"; "The power of self-massage: a relationship of self-love"; "Supernutrition: nurture yourself healthily, soothingly and efficiently"; "Get to know your body to understand and care for it"; "Consciousness and ego", and "Hi, how's it going? Shall we talk?". Formentera Zen 2022 also included a live cooking session highlighting seasonal recipes and local produce and master classes in dance fitness and dharma yoga. Gecko Hotel & Beach Club hosted Formentera Zen with collaboration from Sa Pedrera Suites & Spa, Trasmapi, Proauto Rent a Car, La Fabrica Artigianale and Clinique.

17 October 2022
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