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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities Meeting with local businesses to draw up year-round active tourism and activities calendar

Meeting with local businesses to draw up year-round active tourism and activities calendar

foto 2023iv activitats turismeAlejandra Ferrer, vice-president and tourism councillor, and Carlos Bernús, chief of marketing, have met with a dozen local companies focused on active tourism and other offers with a view to preparing a calendar of Formentera's year-round offer.

"Participants in the meeting discussed activities in active and cultural tourism, among others, that could be included in the Consell de Formentera's tourist agenda and on the Office of Tourism website, in addition to information on year-round accommodation and restaurants", said Ferrer.

She described the initiative as "drawing visitors interested in discovering and enjoying a quieter Formentera" with an offer including everything from diving, horseback riding, nature trails, bird-watching routes and gastronomy to photography courses, guitar-building and other cultural activities and creative workshops. "The idea is that we, as residents, can enjoy them too", she added.

"The goal is to promote year-round activities –whether related to the natural environment, sports and culture, or geared towards fomenting a circular, diversified economy– and at the same time encourage local businesses to make this offer", concluded Ferrer.

Another point of discussion was aid to organise events, workshops and activities which are designed to meet the same objectives mentioned above.

4 April 2023
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Consell de Formentera



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